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Erika Jane Christensen (born August 19, 1982) is an American actress whose film appearances include Traffic (2000), Swimfan (2002) and The Perfect Score (2004), among others. She also co-starred in the short-lived drama Six Degrees on ABC.Christensen was born in Seattle, Washington, the daughter of Kathy, a construction manager, and Steven Christensen, an insurance worker/human-resources executive.[1] She has an older half-brother, Nick, two younger twin brothers, Dane (who appeared in the film The Upside of Anger) and Brando. She is not related to Golden Globe Award-nominated Canadian actor Hayden Christensen. She has Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Welsh, and Irish ancestry.[2] Christensen was raised in Los Angeles, California and started out on television in commercials for McDonald's. Christensen is a member of the Church of Scientology.[3] Her parents became Scientologists during their 20s and raised her to be a Scientologist[2] as well as home-schooling her.